World champions compete at our exciting show, drawing great crowds full of high anticipation. Speed, agility, and strength mark these competitors of the annual Greg Bisbey Logging Exhibition as the real deal. “It’s the longest running Logging Show competition in the U.S.,” said Greg Bisbey, a longtime Sedro-Woolley resident and former world champion, claiming 7 world titles. Bisbey is also the event’s coordinator and just loves this physical show. He has been competing since the 70′s, and at his current age of 58, he is still going amazingly strong, and will be participating as one of the leading competitors this year.

“We make it real fun and involve the crowd,” says Bisbey of their show. Bisbey is also wrestling coach for the Sedro-Woolley Junior High, as well as their track coach, and running with the kids keeps him in tip-top competitive shape.

Many of the events display tasks loggers must perform on the job; events include choker setting, axe throwing, and the hot chainsaw bucking competition. In the choker setting event, which is turned into a race for the show, competitors attach a 30-foot steel cable to a log and drag it to the finish line. In another annual event, they race to saw logs using the old crosscut saws that loggers used a century ago. To contrast and compare how technology has evolved, Bisbey holds a race, which is old-school vs. new, between the old crosscut saw and the chainsaws used in competitions today; of course the logs are different sizes.

Come watch half a dozen tough men display their amazing strength, skill and stamina. It’s a pretty local bunch of guys who compete. “It’s always a fun show for the whole family,” says Bisbey, “kind of a day in the woods.”

The Greg Bisbey Logging Exhibition takes place on Thursday the 4th of July at 2:00 p.m.. It will be at the same location of the vacant lot at the corner of State Street, across from Wood’s Logging Supply.

We’d like to thank the Sedro-Woolley Masonic Lodge for the use of their lot.

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